Fruit Edible Testing in Abu Dhabi, UAE


kindly request to quote best price for the following.

  • Quality for Fruit Edible Test          –              01 item

As per your request, please find the below list for your reference and kindly quote your best rates for the requested test.

1Citrus lemonNos.253
2Ficus caricaNos.111
3Manguifera indicaNos.375
4Manikalra zapotaNos.242
5Morus nigraNos.211
6Ficus carica scelpture treeNos.141
7Pithecellobium dulceNos.192
8Psidium guavaNos.240
9Punica granatumNos.23
10Terminalia CatappaNos.136
11Ziziphus jujubaNos.102
12Ziziphus spina christiNos.202
13Morus albaNos.173
14Tamarindus indicaNos.51
15Muntingia calaburaNos.08
16Cocos nociferaNos.04
17Olea erupeaNos.17
18Artocarpus heterophyllusNos.04
19Syzygium aqueumNos.04
20Musa sp.Nos.01
21Carica papayaNos.02
22Annona reticulataNos.03

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].