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Water Quality Test in Fujairah


We would like to request you to kindly arrange a water quality test inspection on our site Fujairah Project for our Company. Please see the below Attached parameter details for your reference.

We are hereby request you kindly send us your best quotation and Inspection schedule for the water quality test.

One of our ISO certified and Municipality accredited laboratory would be taking over this job.

You may also write us if you have any similar testing requisites.

Diesel Storage Tanks Calibration, Flow Meter Calibration, UAE


Kindly be informed that our company has recently bought a terminal location in UAE.

We need to calibrate 3 cylindrical fixed roofs diesel tanks of capacities: 

  • 150,000 IG (Diameter: 7.64 m | Height: 16 m)
  • 150,000 IG (Diameter: 7.64 m | Height: 16 m)
  • 60,000 IG (Diameter: 6 m | Height: 12 m)

No previous calibrations were made on the tanks, and they are currently empty.

You can find attached a plan, an elevation and a section through the tanks.

You can also find a photograph showing a general view of the tanks.
Please note that each of the 3 tanks is equipped with one manhole at the top and another one at the bottom.

In addition, we need to calibrate 6 flowmeters manufactured by Liquid Controls:

  • 3 x Model M-30-1 (2 flowmeters are installed on the tanks and 1 flowmeter is installed on a truck)
  • 2 x Model M-15-1 (both installed on trucks)
  • 1 x Model M-7-1 (installed on a truck)

Could you please provide us with a quotation for the needed works ?

One of our highly capable and competent branch in Dubai would be carrying our huge storage tanks calibration and Flow Meters Calibration.

Gas Composition Testing in UAE


Please send your competitive quote to this email address.

I would be requiring the following information:

  1. Minimum volume required for the sample.
  2. Container required/recommended: would water plastic bottle will do?
  3. Location to drop the sample
  4. Duration of the test: how many hours/days to get the result?

One of our highly competent lab would be taking over this testing.

Chemical and Microbiological Test of Water, UAE


We are a water solutions company, and we have clients throughout UAE. We would like to know from your end whether it’s possible to do lab test for our customers in different emirates.

The tests we would like to have done will be : 

  1. Chemical analysis
  2.  Microbiological analysis.

Scope of work:

  1. We require you to collect the samples from the site.
  2. The lab analysis to be passed to the customer as well as cc ‘ed to us.

Please provide us with the parameters that you will be checking in these respective tests also.

One of our highly capable and ISO/DAC/DMC certified laboratory in Dubai would be taking over this project.

Lubricant Oil Testing in Fujairah, UAE


 I would like to have information regarding Oil Analysis facilities available at Accredited Test Labs. At our factory we are using following grades of oil –

1.       Hydraulic oil ISO VG 46 (Total azolla zs 46 / Mobil DTE 25 )

2.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 100 ( Mobil Vacuoline 525 )

3.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 320 ( Mobil Gear 600XP320)

4.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 220 ( Total carter XEP 220 )

For the following oil grades , oil sample analysis and condition monitoring is to be done which should include :

1.       Particle count (NAS value)

2.       Water content in ppm

3.       Viscosity

4.       Acidity level (TAN)

Kindly send the details of testing facilities available at your company . We are waiting for your reply regarding the same.

One of our highly competent and ISO certified laboratory in Fujairah would be performing OCM as requested.