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Agri Food Testing – corn, barley, silage, fava beans, chickpeas, durum wheat, dates, Azolla, oatmeal


I am writing to ask you about the feed testing because I would like to know more about it. So, if I want to send you some samples of corn, barley, silage, fava beans, chickpeas, durum wheat, dates, Azolla, oatmeal, and alfalfa.

How many do you need of these samples like kilograms or grams?

What is the container that I need to put the samples in?

How much did it cost?

What is the method for sending the samples?

How long does it take to get the results?

What type of tests will you use and what information will these tests give us for example just the carbohydrates or amino acid or vitamins? 

One of our highly competent and certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

Transformer Oil and Lube Oil Testing ADNOC


Reference  to the above subject , Kindly note that —- Refining are inviting us to express our interest for providing lube oil and Transformer oil condition monitoring services to —- Refining facilities.

please go through attached brief Scope of Works / services  and requirement (this description is only for guideline and as a minimum requirement ) and advise if you are interested to bid through—— by providing the following :

  • confirmation  letter + company introduction .
  • capability to cover all necessary supervision, labor, tools, materials of consumable nature and diagnostic equipment required to perform the testing
  • have all the necessary experience, latest equipment, facilities and proven record of accomplishment of executing such type of Lube oil and Transformer oil analysis testing.

awaiting your kind response / reply  by return before on ———.  also , please find attached schedule of fees will be required for later stages based on scope of works.

One of our competent laboratory would be participating in this tender.

Fiscal Meters Calibration Service Tender, UAE


we invite you to submit Quotation for Calibration & Re-Certification of Fiscal Meters as per attached specification details. 

Please note the below compliance.

The meters and the secondary instrumentation (pressure and temperature transmitters, on the metering stations and in the sampling cabinets) should be taken out and sent to a UKAS certified laboratory for calibration.

One of our highly competent and certified lab will be carrying out these calibrations.

Wheat Flour Testing in UAE


We have the below requirements as of now and more requirements will be there in future. The basic requirement is, all the analysis shall be accredited with ISO 17025.

Flour analysis for Pesticide Residue (as per codex Alimentarius requirement for wheat flour)
Flour Sample for micro analysis, Total Aerobic Count per g, EColi per g, Salmonella Per 25g,  Yeast & Mold CFU/g, Staphylococcus Aureus per 25g
Flour analysis for Total Aflatoxin, Aflatoxin B1 , Fumonisins
Flour analysis for Heavy metals, Arsenic (As), Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd)
Flour Sample analysis for Moisture, Crude Fibre, Crude Protein, Total Ash, Sieve test by using 180 micron,
Water Sample analysis for Bromate content
Iron and Folic Acid analysis
Analysis of Chlorine Concentration in Wheat Flour

One of our highly competent, capable and ISO 17025 certified laboratory would be taking over this project.

Pesticides Testing and Certificate for UAE


I am contacting you on behalf of the European company, based in Bulgaria and exporting for more than 70 countries worldwide.

We are a manufacturer of active ingredients and formulated plant protection products (PPPs).

At the moment we are investigating the option of registering a PPP in UAE. Based on the local regulation, we have to provide a detailed composition certificate of our product, issued from a Lab.

Here is the full text of the requirement: “Certificate of Composition of the formulated product to include pesticide analysis in detail: formulation (EC, WP — etc), common name, chemical name, active ingredient percentage and also the inert in detail, solvents, carriers, emulsifiers, diluents, wetting agents etc— in the preparation to show the total as 100%. This certificate of analysis to be issued by certified second party lab applying the standards and practice.”

Our product is a soluble concentrate containing the active ingredients Propamocarb HCl and Cymoxanil.

In order to be compliant with the requirements for registering a PPP in UAE and to complete the registration file for the product, we would need the above mentioned composition certificate.

Do you have the possibility of performing the composition analysis of our pesticide and of issuing a certificate.

We would be grateful if you can advise about timelines and preliminary costs for the analysis.

One of our ISO certified laboratories would be taking over this job.

Gasoline and Diesel Testing in UAE


Please share your best quote for the laboratory testing of below two fuel products :



Kindly refer the attachment for the test method/standard for the both products.

Also test report shall include the same parameters.

One of our highly capable and ISO Certified laboratory in Dubai would be taking over this job.