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Calibration of Storage Tanks, Meters, Gauges, and Testers in Iraq


Requirement for calibration of below items for one of our end-user project at Basra.

Calibration of Instruments and Standards shall be done using measurement standards traceable to National Standards such as NIST, UKAS other world-recognized accreditation system.

Could you please provide your best calibration charges for below.

Calibration charges
1Liquid Density TransducerMicro MotionCDM100
2Pneumatic Deadweight TesterPressurementsP3015-BAR-P
3Pneumatic Deadweight TesterPressurementsP3022-MBAR-P
4Hydraulic Deadweight TesterFlukeP3115-BAR
5Hydraulic Deadweight TesterFlukeP3224-BAR
6Digital Reference multimeterFluke8508A
7Multifunction CalibratorFluke5720A
8Digital Temperature IndicatorAmetekDTI-1000A
9Reference SensorAmetekSTS-100 A 250
10Ambient Condition RecorderTesto623
11Volumetric metal field standardsSeraphinSeraphin Can M 250 liter
12Tanks with capacity less than 150 m3N/AN/A
13Tanks with capacity more than 150 m3N/AN/A

One of our highly proficient team of Engineers in Iraq would be taking over this project.

Calibration Services in Saudi Arabia, KSA


Find the Equipment details in below, we request you to provide us the best quoted price for the calibration.

ISO calibration Equipment List for -2022

S.NoEquipmentModel NumberSerial numberMakeRange
1Standard weights Set    
2Standard weights    
3Glass Thermometer    
4Metal Detector    
5Conductivity Meter    
6pH Meter    
7pH Meter    
8Analytical Balance    
9Analytical Balance    
10Analytical Balance    
11Weigh Bridge    
12Weighing scale    
13Platform scale    
14Drum filling scale (Old)    
15Analytical Balance    
16Drum filling scale    
17Drum filling scale    
18Hopper weighing scale    
19Hopper weighing scale    
20Bench Scale    
21Packing Scale    
22Packing Scale    
23Weighing Balance    
28Muffle Furnace    
29    Spectro photometer    
34Bio-safety cabinet    
35Digital Earth tester    
36Infrared Thermometer    
37Insulation continuity tester    
38Loop calibrator    
39Temperature calibrator    
40Thermal Imager    
41TRMS Clamp Meter    
42TRUE RMS Multimeter    

One of our competent and certified company in Saudi would be taking over this project.

Fiscal Meters Calibration Service Tender, UAE


we invite you to submit Quotation for Calibration & Re-Certification of Fiscal Meters as per attached specification details. 

Please note the below compliance.

The meters and the secondary instrumentation (pressure and temperature transmitters, on the metering stations and in the sampling cabinets) should be taken out and sent to a UKAS certified laboratory for calibration.

One of our highly competent and certified lab will be carrying out these calibrations.

Calibration of Viscosity Cups in UAE


We are looking for the calibration of viscosity cup. Please find attached catalogue for the Viscosity cup. We need to calibrate part number.

ISO17025 calibration certificate is required.

Kindly advise if you are able to provide above certificate.

Awaiting your kind response at the earliest.

One of our highly competent and certfied team of Calibration experts would be taking over this job.

Calibration of Measuring Instruments in UAE


Dear Team,

Please quote for the following instrument calibration:

SnInstrument NameMakeID
1Digital Vernier Caliper – 0-150mmINSIZE2607182478
2Outside Micrometer – 0-25mmINSIZE1603181468
3Force Gauge – 0-20KgEXTECH475044
4Ultrasonic Thickness GaugePOSITECTOR387959
5Digital Vernier Caliper – 0-300mmINSIZE201201272
6Measuring Tape – 3MSHE3022

One of our competent calibration engineers team would be carrying out this task.