MGO Testing as per ISO 8217-2010 Specs

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Diesel Testing as per ISO 8217-2010 Specifications
Below is the diesel testing package as per ISO 8217-2010 Specs to test standard quality of Diesel. Or you may select from our main diesel testing list for all standards and specifications including ADNOC, DIN EN590, ISO 8217-2005/2010, DMA Specs, and UAE Specs. All you can see from our page Diesel Testing

Below is a group of standard parameters and test methods to analyze Marine Gas Oil (MGO) as per ISO 8217-2010 Standardds.

Marine Gas Oil Analysis (MGO) as per ISO 8217-2010 Specification
Density @ 15°C
Flash Point
Ash Content
Carbon Residue(on 10% Dist.Residue)
Cetane Index
Pour Point
Kinematic Viscosity@ 40°C
Hydrogen sulphide
Acid number
Oxidation stability
Particulate Matter (Additional Test)
ISO 3675
ISO 2719
ISO 8754
ISO 6245
ISO 10370
ISO 4264
ISO 3016
ISO 3104
IP 570
ASTM D 664
ISO 12205
ASTM D 6217