Ground Water Testing Project in Sudan


Please find attached our call for tender for water geochemistry analysis for our project in Sudan.

Your financial and technical proposals must be sent before 03/01/2022.

Table 1 : Spec Sheet for Groundwater Quality Analysis
Analyte Units of Measurement Result

Physical and Aesthetic Determinands
pH pH units
Electrical Conductivity @ 25°C uS/cm
Total Suspended Solids mg/l
Total Dissolved Solids mg/l
True Colour PCU
Chemical Determinands – Macro Determinands
Total Alkalinity as CaCO3 mg/l
Bicarbonate Alkalinity as CaCO3 mg/l
Sulphate as SO4 mg/l
Chloride mg/l
Nitrate as NO3 mg/l
Nitrite as NO2 mg/l
Ortho Phosphate as PO4 mg/l
Ammoniacal Nitrogen as NH3 mg/l
Calcium mg/l
Calcium Hardness Dissolved (as CaCO3) mg/l
Magnesium mg/l
Magnesium Hardness Dissolved (as CaCO3) mg/l
Sodium mg/l
Potassium mg/l
Chemical Determinands -Micro Determinands
Dissolved Aluminium ug/l
Dissolved Antimony ug/l
Dissolved Arsenic ug/l
Dissolved Barium ug/l
Dissolved Beryllium ug/l
Dissolved Boron ug/l
Dissolved Cadmium ug/l
Total Dissolved Chromium ug/l
Dissolved Cobalt ug/l
Dissolved Copper ug/l
Total Dissolved Iron ug/l
Dissolved Lead ug/l
Dissolved Manganese ug/l
Dissolved Mercury ug/l
Dissolved Molybdenum ug/l
Dissolved Nickel ug/l
Dissolved Phosphorous ug/l
Dissolved Selenium ug/l
Dissolved Thallium ug/l
Dissolved Vanadium ug/l

One of our highly proficient and certified laboratory would be taking over this testing.