LPG Tank Inspection, LPG Testing Oman


              Note that we have requirement for Technical Inspection and Certification – LPG Tank, Please note that the complete technical inspection of LPG Tank is due on …….

Kindly acknowledge if you are competent authority to carry out the inspection and certification as per the below scope of work. 


  1. Inspection of LPG tanks & fittings 
  2. Inspection of LPG tank pedestals & supports 
  3. Inspection of all pipelines, valves & related fittings 
  4. Inspection of vaporizer & related pipelines 
  5. Leak testing of all pipe lines  
  6. Venting of remaining gas (Less than 2%) 
  7. Removal of safety relief valve 
  8. Performance checking of safety relief valve with nitrogen gas and suitable manifold 
  9. Thickness checking of tank with ultrasonic thickness gauge 
  10. Inspection of tank pressure gauges 
  11. Re-fixing of safety relief valves 
  12. Pneumatic test with nitrogen gas at 7.00 bar pressure 
  13. Venting of nitrogen gas 
  14. Report for Safety relief valve performance test & thickness inspection 
  15. Technical certificate for 5-year testing 
  16. Compliance Certificate for ROP approvals
  17. Inspection of earthing cable & compliance
  18. Visual Inspection & Operational Inspection of fire sprinkler systems
  19. Visual Inspection & Operational Inspection of Gas Leak detection panel* & system 
  20. Visual Inspection of fire extinguishers 
  21. Visual Inspection of sign boards 

One of our competent laboratory would be taking over this project.