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Ballast Water Management Test and D2 Commissioning

Ballast water management is one of the significant tasks associated with vessel operations. Hence we need to know how it works and what are the standard parameters which conforms to safe operations.


Biological testing of water sampled from BWMS commissioning is carried out to confirm the D2-Discharge standards are intact with the BWMS installed on the ship. The E-1 regulation states that sampling has to be done once at the commissioning of treatment system and must be completed before BWM certificate for D-2 is issued. As per QA/QC operational standardizations we know IMO requirements to perform sampling, testing and then reporting. However, to perform sampling and testing, DMW.2 Circular 42 Revison-1 and Circular 62 could be referred. Potable and independent test facilities are incorporated in operations and Vessel General Permit (VGP) HOW TO references for EPA also get intact.


International Oil Pollution Prevention certificates has to be reviewed for the periods of de-coupling and re-coupling. The flag administration has to be considered for the same. BWMS installation and BWM-D2 due dates are to be considered too. BWM plans and contingency measures have to be kept in mind.

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