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Iran New Fuel Production Lines

With the presidential inauguration of 14 new fuel production lines in the Lavan facility, the capacity of Iran’s production of Euro-4 grade gasoline at the oil refinery will reach 2,800,000 barrels per day.

Additionally, the daily oil refinery capacity at the Lavan field will increase from 30,000 barrels to 60,000 with the launch of the new development projects.

Referring to major expansion of domestic gasoline production, President Ahmadinejad stated that “this commodity is so significant that ill-wishers of the Iranian nation once imposed a massive eight-year war and in other instances imposed sanctions on their gasoline sales [to Iran] to halt the [progress of] nation,”

The president further emphasized that the Iranian oil industry used to be dependent on foreign assistance and equipment imports, but the “oil industry has experienced major developments since the victory of the Islamic Revolution and particularly in recent years.”

According to executives at Lavan Refinery, with the launch of the new treatment facility, the production of liquefied gas will surpass 200 tons, jet fuel production will climb to one million liters, and the production of sulfur granule would soar to 30 tons per day.

Iran attained self-sufficiency in fuel production after its international suppliers stopped selling gasoline to Tehran under US pressure.

With over 137 billion barrels of proven reserves, Iran has the world’s fourth largest oil reserves. Its gas reserves are also estimated at more than 29 trillion cubic meters.