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Iran Oil and Gas Market Update

Main Update Highlights from entire month of June, 2013

  • New Kish island wells could unlock 66 tcf for Iran ‐ The drilling of 12 new wells on Iran’s Kish
    island, in the Arabian Sea could unlock a significant amount of the estimated 66 trillion cubic feet of
    natural gas by the March 2014, according to the head of the project.
  • Base Oil Group I FOB Iranian origin export prices are oscillating in the price range of USD 960 ‐
    975 PMT.
  • Base Oil SN 500 FOB Iran prices reported in the range of USD 965 – 980 PMT in June 2013. Base
    Oil Report: As per the data analysis by our team, SN 500 Base Oil FOB Iran prices were hovering in the
    range of USD 960 – 975 PMT in the month of January 2013, Further price of product jumped up
    continually & reported in the range of USD 875 – 890 PMT in February, USD 915 – 930 PMT in March
    and USD 970 – 985 PMT in April 2013.While in May price remained status quo as compared to previous
    month price. In current month i.e. June 2013, prices of the product have gone down by USD 5 PMT (1%)
    compared to last month & prices reported at USD 965 ‐ 980 PMT. Compared to Jan 2013, prices have
    hiked by 17% in June 2013.