Water Testing Contract KSA


As per one of our requirement , we need your best quote for various water analysis with reports.

Note: All the samples shall be transported to your laboratory for various analysis, hence we need the quotation for required analysis as per the attachment.

Sl noRequired AnalysisFrequency Frequency
2Total Suspended Solids (TSS)WeeklyWeekly
3Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)WeeklyN/A
5Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)WeeklyWeekly
6Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)WeeklyWeekly
7Oil & GreaseAnnuallyAnnually
9Aluminum (Al)AnnuallyAnnually
10Ammonia as NitrogenAnnuallyAnnually
11Arsenic (As)AnnuallyAnnually
12Beryllium (Be)AnnuallyAnnually
13Boron (B)AnnuallyAnnually
14Cadmium (Cd)AnnuallyAnnually
15Chlorine (residual)WeeklyAnnually
16Chromium (total)AnnuallyAnnually
17Cobalt (Co)AnnuallyAnnually
18Copper (Cu)AnnuallyAnnually
19Cyanide  (total)AnnuallyAnnually
20Fluorine (F)AnnuallyAnnually
21Iron (Fe)AnnuallyAnnually
22Lead (Pb)AnnuallyAnnually
23Lithium (Li)AnnuallyAnnually
24Manganese (Mn)AnnuallyAnnually
25Mercury (Hg)AnnuallyAnnually
26Molybdenum (Mo)AnnuallyAnnually
27Nickel (Ni)AnnuallyAnnually
28Nitrate (as Nitrogen)MonthlyMonthly
29Selenium (Se)AnnuallyAnnually
30Vanadium (V)AnnuallyAnnually
31Zinc (Zn)AnnuallyAnnually
32Total ChloroformWeeklyWeekly
33Intestinal EggsWeeklyN/A

One of our ISO/SAC certiified lab in Jubail, KSA would be taking over this project.