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Chemical and Microbiological Test of Water, UAE


We are a water solutions company, and we have clients throughout UAE. We would like to know from your end whether it’s possible to do lab test for our customers in different emirates.

The tests we would like to have done will be : 

  1. Chemical analysis
  2.  Microbiological analysis.

Scope of work:

  1. We require you to collect the samples from the site.
  2. The lab analysis to be passed to the customer as well as cc ‘ed to us.

Please provide us with the parameters that you will be checking in these respective tests also.

One of our highly capable and ISO/DAC/DMC certified laboratory in Dubai would be taking over this project.

Edible Oil Testing in Sri Lanka


I would like to request a quotation for the below tests on Virgin Coconut Oil , Crude palm oil  , CP Olane  and please do let me know for these parameters if lab  is accredited too.

1.       Free Faty Acid

2.       Moisture

3.       Iodine Value

4.       Peroxide Value

One of our ISO certified lab for the requested tests would be carrying out analysis.

Food and Water Testing in Sri Lanka


Greetings from the Maldives.

I am looking for certified lab in either Sri Lanka or India, Sri Lanka preferred due to location advantages: to conduct water and food samples testing for a host of clients currently in my resume.

The tests for water – in general are mentioned on the sheet attached for your reference. Kindly note that our clients may request any other parameters subjective to their food and water standards and the list shows compulsory tests.

Please direct me to prospective labs with the best price to offer.

One of our competent ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.