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Tank Water Testing in Al Khobar, KSA


With reference to the subject, we have requirement for conducting water test for 7 water tanks in Aramco project. Please see attached parameters to be tested and sample need to be collected from site.

Kindly provide your best quote and availability, duration to conduct test with full report. Awaiting your offer urgently.

Water Testing

One of our Competent laboratory in Jubail would be taking over this task.

Lubricant Oil Testing in Fujairah, UAE


 I would like to have information regarding Oil Analysis facilities available at Accredited Test Labs. At our factory we are using following grades of oil –

1.       Hydraulic oil ISO VG 46 (Total azolla zs 46 / Mobil DTE 25 )

2.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 100 ( Mobil Vacuoline 525 )

3.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 320 ( Mobil Gear 600XP320)

4.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 220 ( Total carter XEP 220 )

For the following oil grades , oil sample analysis and condition monitoring is to be done which should include :

1.       Particle count (NAS value)

2.       Water content in ppm

3.       Viscosity

4.       Acidity level (TAN)

Kindly send the details of testing facilities available at your company . We are waiting for your reply regarding the same.

One of our highly competent and ISO certified laboratory in Fujairah would be performing OCM as requested.

Venom Testing in Iraq


Hi Dear please, can you analyze the chemical compositions of bee venoms in your labs like the attached image of Bee Venom Component, if you can, please tell me the price for one sample. Substance Group Component % of dry weight Peptides melittin 40-50 apamine 2-3 MCD peptide 2-3 secapine 0.5-2 pamine 1-3 minimine 2 adolapine 0.5-1 Procamine A,B 1-2 Protease inhibitor 0.1-0.8 Tertiapine, Cardiopep, melittin F


Proteins (enzymes) Phospholipase A2 10-12 Phospholiase B 1 Hyaluronidase 1-2 phosphatase 1 α-Glucosidase 0-6 phospholipids 1-3 Biogenic amines Histamine 0.5-2 Dopamine 0.2-1 Noradrenaline 0.1-0.5 Aminobutyric acid, α-amino acids


sugars Glucose, fructose 2-4

Volatiles (pheromones) Complex ethers 4-8 Minerals P, Ca and Mg 3-4. 

One of our certified lab would be taking over this analysis.