Lubricant Oil Testing in Fujairah, UAE


 I would like to have information regarding Oil Analysis facilities available at Accredited Test Labs. At our factory we are using following grades of oil –

1.       Hydraulic oil ISO VG 46 (Total azolla zs 46 / Mobil DTE 25 )

2.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 100 ( Mobil Vacuoline 525 )

3.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 320 ( Mobil Gear 600XP320)

4.       Lubrication oil ISO VG 220 ( Total carter XEP 220 )

For the following oil grades , oil sample analysis and condition monitoring is to be done which should include :

1.       Particle count (NAS value)

2.       Water content in ppm

3.       Viscosity

4.       Acidity level (TAN)

Kindly send the details of testing facilities available at your company . We are waiting for your reply regarding the same.

One of our highly competent and ISO certified laboratory in Fujairah would be performing OCM as requested.