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Food and Water Testing in UAE

Hotels, restaurants, small cafe, all require food and water testing certificates from companies accredited from local Municipality and ISO as well. Similarly real estate properties, houses, laundries industries, and many small businesses require water testing for pool water, jacuzzi water, potable/drinking water, fresh water, irrigation water, waste water, laundry water and even ballast water testing required on vessels whenever they reach harbors.

United Arab Emirates is a multi cultural and multi lingual region hence a lot of trading incorporated and numerous communities are accommodated. So they all use to incur these requisites but it’s not easy to find certified laboratories with strong portfolio and robust expertise over the subject. Moreover, mostly people do not know what are the tests and methods necessary to meet local municipality and ISO standards. AccreditedTestLabs.com aims to assist finding accredited labs that can entertain all of your testing requirements under one roof.

ATL entertains customers with individual random testing as well as food and water testing contracts on periodic basis like monthly, quarterly, six monthly, annual, and so on.

So, whether you are individual, or a company, feel free to write us and we shall be pleased to serve.

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