Bio Crude Oil Testing in Bahrain


We want to test a biocrude oil sample for research purpose.

It is kind of renewable biocrude almost similar to petroleum crude. We want to test its basic properties to compare it with petroleum crude for research purpose.

We can provide about 25 ml sample.

With this quantity, we wish to analyse the following:

  1. Elemental analysis – Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Oxygen %
  2. Calorific value or Higher Heating Value (HHV)
  3. GC MS to find out the compounds present in the crude oil sample

GC MS analysis will identify the following compounds

ü  C1 to C36

ü  Alkanes/Hydrocarbons (Straight/Cyclic)

ü  N & O – Heterocyclic compounds

ü  Benzene and phenolic derivatives

ü  Alkyl acids and esters/Fatty acid derivates

ü  Ketones

ü  Alcohols

ü  Alkenes

ü  Amines

ü  Aldehyde derivates

ü  Cyclic oxygenates

We would highly appreciate if you could kindly provide us with the quote for the above at the earliest.

One of our highly proficient lab in Jubail, Saudi Arabia would be carrying out this job.