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Transformer Oil and Lube Oil Testing ADNOC


Reference  to the above subject , Kindly note that —- Refining are inviting us to express our interest for providing lube oil and Transformer oil condition monitoring services to —- Refining facilities.

please go through attached brief Scope of Works / services  and requirement (this description is only for guideline and as a minimum requirement ) and advise if you are interested to bid through—— by providing the following :

  • confirmation  letter + company introduction .
  • capability to cover all necessary supervision, labor, tools, materials of consumable nature and diagnostic equipment required to perform the testing
  • have all the necessary experience, latest equipment, facilities and proven record of accomplishment of executing such type of Lube oil and Transformer oil analysis testing.

awaiting your kind response / reply  by return before on ———.  also , please find attached schedule of fees will be required for later stages based on scope of works.

One of our competent laboratory would be participating in this tender.

Transformer Oil Testing in Saudi Arabia


Further reference to the captioned subject, we need to do the following test for the transformer oil before and after oil filling.

1. BDV

2. Water Content

3. DGA

4. Moisture Content

Hence, Kindly request you to provide your best price for the above test as earlier as possible to proceed further.

One of our competent laboratory in KSA would be taking over this project.

Contract Transformer Oil Testing in Qatar


With reference to subject inquiry, we request you to submit your competitive offer for the scope defined below.

Scope of Work

  1. Transformer Oil Analysis – 8 samples

Below detailed parameters to be analysed for the sample oil.

Oil Analysis of transformers
Sl.NoDescription of parameters to be testedRemarks
 ADissolved Gas Analysis 
(H2) ( ppm)
2Methane (CH4)
3Ethane (C2H6) (ppm) 
4Ethylene (C2H4)(ppm) 
5Acetylene (C2H2)
6Carbon monoxide
(CO) (ppm)
7Carbon dioxide
(CO2) (ppm)
8Nitrogen (N2) (ppm) 
9Oxygen (O2) (ppm) 
10TDCG (ppm) 
11Rate change per day 
12Rate change per year 
 BOil Quality Analysis 
13Sample temp.
14Moisture ( ppm) 
to 20(°C)
16% Saturation 
17% Saturation
Tension (mN/m)
19Colour number 
21Dielectric BDV
22Power factor %
23Power factor %
24Specific Gravity 
26Sediment &
Furan Analysis 
2-furfuraldehyde (5HMF)
332-furfuraldehyde (2FAL)
342-Acetylfuran (2ACF)
2-furfuraldehyde (5MEF)
362-fufuryl Alcohol (2FOL)

Note: :

–          Sample to be Collected at Site

–          Containers for collecting the sample to be provided by the contractor

–          Detailed reports shall be produced within 7 – 10 days of the collection

–          Any recommendation or report shall be advised on the oil analysis.

–          Any Parameter is not feasible or you can recommend for alternative as per Transformer maker recommendations

S NoSubstation NameTransformer NumberHzTransformer Rating VoltageTypeRemarks
1Substation – Transformer – 150Hz50/60 MVA132/11 KVOil 
2Transformer – 250Hz50/60 MVA132/11 KVOil 
3Substation – Transformer – 150Hz900W415/30VOil 
4Transformer – 250Hz3200W415/40VOil
5Transformer – 350Hz3200W415/40VOil 
6Transformer – 450Hz2700W415/30VOil 
7Transformer – 550Hz2700W415/30VOil 
8Transformer – 650Hz2700W415/30VOil 

One of our highly capable and competent lab will be taking over this contract.